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Spring cleaning isn’t just a yearly tradition to welcome a new season but an important health measure that can make your home that much safer. Purer air, fewer germs, and more order can all introduce a better sense of balance in our lives. See why one of the most important tools at your disposal is your vacuum cleaner, especially considering that professional cleaners aren’t really an option for most people during the coronavirus days.

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The Best Possible Time

Whether you’re used to ferrying kids back and forth, or you just live for the hustle and bustle, COVID-19 has put a halt to nearly everything. As we become better acquainted with the farthest-flung corners of our homes, now is the best possible time to attack all the gunk and build-up that have accumulated over the past few months.

It’s also a good time to reduce the dust mites that might be hanging on for dear life in your carpets — literally. The less dust and debris, the less they’ll have to binge on. You can even go a step further with a steamer vacuum for a seriously deep clean.

Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Being stuck in the house isn’t inherently a bad thing. When you’re taking care of your home, your home will be happy to take care of you. Your rooms will be more welcoming, your allergies will be less intrusive, and the very breaths you choose can make you that much calmer.

The less chaos in your life, the calmer you’ll feel. When so many things seem out of control, you can still focus on the things you do have dominion over.

Central vacuum cleaner hose in living room

Finding the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Cathey’s Sewing and Vacuum is more well-known for our expertise in fabrics and threads. But spring 2020 has introduced a new need for vacuum cleaners in Tucson, especially when you take into account the advanced technology now available to our customers.

From upright to handheld to compact, there’s a cleaner that can get even the most forgotten nooks in your home. Or try a central vacuum with a hose-at-hand solution. Tackle everything from lint screens to kitchens when you have the right accessories. All the debris you collect is transported through the walls and into the central power unit. These systems are known for their longevity and convenience, plus they can limit the amount of recirculated dust in the air.

If you’re looking for vacuum cleaners for sale in Arizona, we’re here to help. When our health is at stake, taking the right precautions can make a big difference. Whether your home is a few hundred square feet or a few thousand, we can help you pick the perfect vacuum for you. Contact us when you’re ready to make your home a little more inviting.

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