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Now that the COVID-19 emergency measures appear to be in more or less full effect, many of us are working from home, staying at home, avoiding unnecessary social contact, and just generally doing our best to stem the tide of the infection. If that describes you, congratulations- you’re doing your part to stop the spread of this awful virus.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be entertained or want to be productive. If we know anything about our customers here at Cathey’s Sewing And Vacuum, it’s that you are full of creativity, and you need something to do with that creative energy.

To that end, here are seven quarantine sewing projects to keep you going during these occasionally cabin-fever-inducing times. The following sewing and DIY projects are geared toward beginners. That means anyone can do them. It also means these sewing ideas are inexpensive.


sewing table and supplies

7 Quarantine DIY Sewing Projects

1. Lace-Up Sweatshirt Makeover

Take any of your well-worn sweaters and give it a jumpstart with this clever add on. With the right tools, you can complete this project in just a few minutes. You might even find some other items that can use a lace-up touch-up.

2. The Tie-Shoulder Jumper

When you’re waiting for the opportunity to run out and do some essential grocery shopping, you need something you can take on and off easily that’s worthy of wearing in public. This tie-shoulder jumper is just the thing. And you can make it yourself in less than an hour!

3. Easy Custom Aprons

If your kids love to help you cook, give them a custom apron to bring them up to the next level as budding culinary artists. Customize it to suit their sense of cooking fun and have a blast.

 4. Striped Lounge Pants

If you need something cozy to lounge around in during the quarantine, these simple to make sweatpants are just the thing. Use striped fabric for extra flair, and don’t forget the pockets and drawstring.

5. MIDI Dress W/ Side Slit

An easy to make midi dress can be made from a simple trace and cut pattern. Add a fun slit up one side for extra style and comfort.

 6. Cut-Out Felt Hearts Sweatshirt

This one is as simple as it is fun. Simply fold felt pieces in half and sketch half a heart with a felt pen. Cut it out while folded, and you have an easy sew-on patch for your favorite sweater.

7. Have a Forever Bag?

If you want a handbag that’s all your own and will last forever, try this classic fabric bag that’s great for going to the store, the beach- or anywhere!

sewing hearts 

Here at Cathey’s Sewing and Vacuum in Tucson, Arizona- we have everything you need to keep your fingers moving through these difficult times. Best of all, we offer affordable shipping on everything in stock so you can stay socially distant as you fill out your crafting agenda. Find us online or call to find out more!

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