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Spring Cleaning with Cathey’s Vacuums

Vacuum cleaner on the floor. House cleaning concept. Before and after cleaning. Dirty and cleaned area. Housekeeping. Modern vacuum cleaner while vacuuming. Cleaning service

Spring cleaning isn't just a yearly tradition to welcome a new season but an important health measure that can make your home that much safer. Purer air, fewer germs, and more order can all introduce a better sense of balance in our lives. See why one of the most important…

Cathey’s Vacuum Cleaners: Traits and Features

Imagine the horror of heading into the holiday season without a vacuum cleaner. Oh, the crumbs! Luckily, if your vacuum has just wheezed its last breath, Cathey's Sewing and Vacuum in Tucson has just what's needed to put the happy back into your Thanksgiving. Our vacuum cleaners fit every budget,…

All About Central Vacuums

Central vacuum cleaner

If you've never heard of a central vacuum cleaner, you're not alone. Most homeowners have no idea that there's a lightweight, efficient alternative to portable vacuum cleaners. If you or someone in your home suffers from asthma, allergies, or if you just can't lug around a big heavy…