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Professional Vacuum Cleaner Repair

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At Cathey’s, our highly-trained Service Technicians provide a range of service options tailored to suit both you and your machine’s specific needs. Our goal is to ensure that when you leave, your machine is not only clean but also in optimal working condition, ready to meet your cleaning expectations. Every machine that comes to Cathey’s receives the utmost care, regardless of the service level chosen. Service offerings may vary depending on the type of machine you own. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the diverse service options we provide.

Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Full service

A full disassemble and reassemble with a chemical clean including lubrication of all accessible bearings and bushings. Cleaning and lubrication of brush roll, all air passages are checked and cleaned. The motor will be cleaned and lubricated. All sound proofing and internal filters will be cleaned. The exterior of the machine is blown off wiped down and polished. 1 Year Labor Warranty.

Upright Vacuum Service Pricing:

Upright Vacuums Service Pricing:
Full service for Premium* Vacuums: $79.95
Full service Standard Vacuums: $59.95

Canister Vacuum Service Pricing:

Canister Only: $59.95
Canister & Nozzle: $79.95
Power Nozzle: $39.95

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