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Remember that time you made your own shirt in high school? No? Kids in the eighties had the choice of taking vocational courses such as shop and home economics in high school. Today, however, classes like these have been replaced by coursework in computer science, business, and personal finance. Still, knowing how to make your own shirt has its advantages. That’s why summer sewing classes for kids are the new summer camp option. If you’re looking to keep kids entertained this summer, try a sewing camp for kids. They’ll learn valuable skills and create beautiful items, all while having a great time. Visit Cathey’s Sewing and Vacuum in Tucson to learn more. 

What Happens in a Sewing Camp for Kids? 

You’d be surprised at the skills your child will learn during summer sewing classes. Learning to sew not only familiarizes your child with a sewing machine, but it’s a fun way to hone math skills, too. These are only a few of the skills your child will learn in a sewing camp for kids: 

  • How to read a pattern 
  • The definition of warp and weft 
  • How to add zippers and buttons 
  • How to measure using an acrylic ruler 
  • The process of properly threading and sewing on a machine 

Before the summer is out, your child will be able to create simple, usable items, such as zippered pouches, reversible purses, and quilted placements. Summer sewing classes are a fantastic way to boost a child’s self-esteem while teaching them fun, new skills at the same time. Talk to your child about attending a sewing camp for kids this summer. 

What’s So Great About Learning to Sew? 

What’s NOT great about learning to sew? A sewist has complete control over his or her project. Take a zippered pouch, for example. Will it be striped or floral? Will it have pockets? Will one side be see-through, so you know what’s in it at a glance? Maybe you’ll add a carabiner so that it can clip onto your backpack. Or perhaps you’ll add big, vintage buttons instead of a zipper. 

Sewing supplies are exciting — fabric, ribbons, trim, beads, and buttons. And sewing tools are even better — cutting mats, rotary cutters, and those thick, satisfying acrylic rulers. And then there’s the sewing machine itself. Today’s sewing machines are vastly different from the straight-stitch Kenmore machines that kids used 40 years ago. Today, you can embroider, monogram, and trim your items, all on your domestic machine. 

Summer sewing classes give children free rein over their own creativity. The possibilities are nearly as unlimited as the advantages. Kids gain skills in problem-solving, planning, execution, and accomplishment. They gain self-esteem and confidence in their abilities. 

Contact Cathey’s for More Information on Sewing Camp for Kids 

Cathey’s Sewing in Vacuum in Tucson has been around for more than 50 years, giving local sewists a place to restock, replenish, and dream. Come see us today for all your sewing and vacuum needs in southern Arizona and to learn more about our sewing camp for kids this summer. 

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