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While we’d all like a new wardrobe every season, that’s just not practical for those of us outside the royal family. What you can do, however, is update what you’ve already got with some simple, refreshing wardrobe alterations. Here are five of our favorites.

1. Add Some Buttons or Bows

Old clothes often just feel kind of blah. You can add pizzazz with buttons pretty easily, though. Sew a stripe of buttons down the front top of a sweater or offset along one side of a skirt. Alternatively, sew a ribbon around the collar of a shirt. Satin complements both natural and synthetic fibers nicely, for instance. You can also use ribbons to decorate hems, waists, and sleeves. Either fit the ribbon to the size of the hem or leave extra to tie into a bow.

2. Fluff with a Petticoat

The good news: the petticoat is back! More good news: it is super easy to add to any outfit! Oh, did you think there was bad news? Nope, no downsides here. You can purchase petticoats pre-sized or make them yourself from tulle. Then you just pop them under an old dress or skirt you’re tired of. If you prefer, you can sew your petticoat into the waist of the dress, but that makes washing harder. Plus, if you keep it separate, you can use it with multiple skirts and dresses.

3. Shorten Sleeves and Hemlines

Have a shirt, skirt, or pair of jeans that isn’t cutting the mustard? Hemming is always a win. Bring a skirt up higher for a different silhouette, turn jeans into pedal-pushers, or transform a long-sleeved tee into a cap-sleeved number. Just make sure that when you’re hemming, you never try to eyeball it. A straight line might seem like a simple enough prospect, but you’re better off marking up the inside of the fabric and using a rotary cutter for careful results.

4. Transform a Neckline

Many people have a preferred neckline—boatneck for some, V-neck for others. Even the good old-fashioned turtleneck has its adherents. Whatever your fancy, you can transform clothing by changing the cut of an old V-neck to a sweetheart or a scoop. Love turtlenecks? Sew a mock turtleneck into an existing shirt or sweater using stretchy cotton fabric in a complementary shade.

5. Add a Zipper

Say goodbye to boring shirts, dresses, and skirts. Simply add a zipper! Slit the fabric, then sew in some zip, preferably in a bright color. Remember, zipper feet minimize accidents and maximize ease, so if you don’t yet have one for your sewing machine, head to your nearest sewing establishment!

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