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The majority of the holiday season is now behind us—but that doesn’t mean it’s time to slow down when it comes to sewing. In fact, there are lots of fun sewing projects for the New Year and winter season. Whether you’re looking for something tailored to the season or an item that suits your resolutions, here are some sewing ideas for the New Year that are sure to leave you feeling inspired! Take a glance at these New Year’s sewing ideas:

Make a Party Banner

If you’re planning to host a New Year’s Eve party, this is definitely the night for some decorations that stand out! For one of your New Year’s sewing projects, make a party banner. Be sure to check your scrap fabric bin for larger pieces, as this is an excellent scrap fabric project.

It’s a project with lots of room for customization, so you can really make it your own. Here are just a few ways to tailor it:

  • Use a unique shape for the banner—no need to stick with classic triangles
  • Add a message—such as “Happy New Year!” which makes it easy to reuse next year
  • Opt for a stunning and unique ribbon rather than rope or string
  • Use a different fabric on each side of your design to make it more dynamic
  • Add graphics such as fireworks or champagne glasses

All in all, this is a fun project with lots of room for getting creative. It’s also a great way to kick off your sewing hobby in the New Year.

Create the Perfect Party Dress

Woman giving a cheer for new year

It’s the typical scenario—you’re invited to a New Year’s Eve party just a few days before the event but since you were planning on staying home this year, the only outfit you have planned is a pair of fluffy pajamas. You could wear something you already own, but what better way to ring in the New Year than with a new party dress?! Shopping is an option as well, but a new party dress can be the perfect sewing project for the New Year, especially if you have the time.

You can whip up a party dress in no time, especially if you’re an experienced sewer. With so many patterns available online and the help of your fancy sewing machine, you’ll be able to have a great outfit in a jiffy! Making yourself a party dress can be a special treat, whether you plan to wear it a few days or a few weeks from now.

Sew a Pair of Cute Winter Gloves

As one of your first sewing projects for the year, consider making a pair of cute winter gloves. In January the weather will be chilly, making gloves the ideal accessory to have on hand. This can be a more challenging project, as sewing the fingers can be tricky, but advanced sewers will be able to whip up a pair in no time.

If you’re a bit hesitant to take on the challenge of sewing the fingers, consider making fingerless gloves instead. This style of glove is very trendy right now, easy for beginners, and is practical because it’s ideal for smart device use, typing, and more. There are numerous free patterns online to try. Don’t be afraid to customize them with buttons, embroidery, and other details to make them stand out.

Sew Storage Baskets

We love the idea of sewing projects for the New Year that help you accomplish your resolutions. If one of yours is to be more organized, take some time this season to sew a few storage baskets. By making these yourself rather than purchasing them at a store, you’ll save money and achieve a look that’s much more unique.

There are a lot of ways you can approach this project. Here are just a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Use two different fabrics for a bolder look
  • Mix textures to bring depth to the design
  • Add handles for easy movement
  • Include a space for labels to eliminate confusion
  • Sew in a patch of clear plastic for visibility
  • Make a lid to really hide the clutter
  • Add animal ears and faces for storage in a child’s room

Because it’s so easy to be creative when it comes to this New Year’s sewing project, we’re sure that you’ll have a blast making it!

Whip Up an Apron

redhead woman posing in her colorful vintage kitchen, with a wooden spoon in her hand with apron on

Many of us love the glamorous styles of the past, but when it comes to creating a fully retro outfit, it can be complex to create. As an alternative, consider creating a fun and flirty apron to add a touch of the vintage look, or create a sleek and modern piece for hosting fancy dinner parties. The choice is yours.

To customize this project, look for fun accent fabrics that can be turned into ruffles, pockets, or even the straps of the apron. Because this isn’t a main outfit, don’t be afraid to go bold. Search for sewing notions like large buttons, quirky zippers, and personalized patches. This is a lovely treat for yourself and also makes a great gift.  

Customize Your Planner or Notebook

Whether scheduling gym sessions to get in better shape, challenging yourself to try out new recipes, or just trying to stay organized, a planner is an essential tool. If you’re using a paper, book-style planner in the next year for your plans and notes, there’s no need to be limited to the print on the cover. Create and sew a customized cover for your planner.

Planner holders are fairly simple to sew and there are numerous patterns you can use. Choose your pattern, customize it to the size of your planner, and you’re ready to go. Look for patterns that have pockets and pen holders to keep everything well organized—especially if you’re planning a large event such as a wedding.

Be sure to come the Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum for all of your sewing needs in the New Year. We offer sewing classes and supplies to get you started on your 2019 sewing projects.

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