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 5 Winter Sewing Projects for All Ages

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced sewer, winter sewing projects keep your mind busy during the winter months, especially while you’re staying inside where it’s nice and warm. We searched for the best cold weather sewing projects and assembled an awesome collection of homemade gifts for loved ones—or treats for yourself! Each selection is perfect for cozy evenings or chilly nights. Ready to get sewing? Check out our top picks for sewing gifts for cold weather:

A Coffee Sleeve

If you’ve been searching for something small and simple to make as a holiday sewing project, give this coffee sleeve a try. This gift is ideal for the coffee lover in your life. Not only is it eco-friendly, as it helps to cut down on the waste of the cardboard sleeves most stores use, but it also gives a personal pop to your loved one’s coffee cup that others are sure to take notice of.

Making this winter sewing project is quite simple. All you need is some scrap fabric, elastic, and a button—in addition to your standard sewing supplies. The stitching is straightforward and can be easily done by hand, if needed.

Should you want to make this a more substantial gift, you could pair it with a gift card for the recipient’s favorite coffee shop. Another option is to make it part of a cold weather gift basket and toss in other items like gloves and blankets—or perhaps one of the other projects on our list!

coffee and fireplace

A Draft Guard

This is a cold weather sewing project that’s ideal for the Tucson area: a draft guard. For whatever reason, it seems that many homebuilders forget how cold it gets here at night and design doorways that leave space for quite the draft to get in under the door. This project guards against the cold weather and adds a bit of flare to the space.

For this project, you’ll need sturdier fabric than what’s used in most projects, especially since the guard will drag along the floor each time the door is opened or closed. You’ll also need two pieces of pipe foam, one to go on each side of the door. Other than that, this sewing project only requires your standard sewing supplies.

While you can sew this project by hand, it requires durable stitching and sturdier fabric to handle the wear and tear of being on the floor. As such, it will be easier to use a machine. In the end, you’ll have a cute, fun item that’s also practical—and a great homemade gift, as well.

A Hot Water Bottle Cozy

hot water bottle

There are all sorts of creative ways to beat the chilly Tucson nights. From space heaters and fireplaces to electric mattress warmers, everyone has their own go-to method for staying warm. The classic heating accessory is a hot water bottle, which is easy to fill up and tuck under your blanket—to keep your legs and feet toasty and warm.

If you use a hot water bottle or know someone who does, we have a great sewing gift idea for you—a hot water bottle cozy! This cozy is designed to keep the hot water bottle warm for longer and protect the skin from getting burned when the bottle is at its hottest. It’s super cute as well!

If you have any large pieces of scrap flannel fabric around the house, this is the perfect project to use them on. The pattern features two different fabrics in addition to an accent ribbon, but you can use pieces of your choosing. For a personal touch, add a fun applique or monogram to the cozy.

A Pair of Mittens

The chance of seeing snow here in Tucson is slim, but plenty of families like to head north or to the mountains during the winter to give the kids a chance to see the white fluff in person. Should there be a little one in your life who’s about to head off for fun in the snow, consider sewing these mittens as a gift. They’re an easy start to making winter clothing.

What makes these mittens special is that they are extra-long. Mittens that stop at the wrist allow snow to get under the mittens and inside of coat sleeves, which is uncomfortable at best. With these, the little ones in your life will be fully protected and able to play happily.

Part of what makes this holiday sewing project great is that it doesn’t need to be perfect—it’s designed to provide plenty of room for error. If you’re new to sewing or looking to practice a stitch that’s new to you, this could be the project to try.

A Funky Scarf

scarf fabric

For a project that requires a bit of time but is still relatively simple, try making this funky fox scarf. This holiday sewing project uses simple stitches to join the two fabrics, but there are numerous pieces to the scarf, which means you can fill your free time making it. The end product is fun and fanciful—and perfect for gifting to kids, teens, and young adults.

The pattern is designed to be customized. You can make the body as long or short as you wish, and you can even change the animal by slightly modifying the features. Really, there’s a lot of fun you can have with this project.

As far as supplies go, you’ll need two types of fabric, buttons for the eyes, and embroidery floss for details. Other than that, you’ll only need your standard sewing supplies. When making winter clothing, there are few projects as cute as this one!

For sewing machines, supplies, and sewing classes in Tucson, Cathey’s Sewing and Vacuum is your go-to store! To learn more, be sure to browse our website or visit us in person. We’d love to help you with your next project!

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