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5 Holiday Embroidery Project Ideas

Embroidery is a great skill to have, as the possibilities for embroidery creations are truly endless. If you’re still honing your embroidery skills, however, you might feel a bit intimidated by some of the more ambitious project ideas you’ve stumbled across on sites like Pinterest.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great and simple embroidery projects that you can tackle even as a beginner. As a bonus, these projects can make for excellent and heartfelt holiday gifts!

Embroidered Wool Scarf

Scarves are popular holiday gift ideas, especially for those who live in colder climates. And if you know how to embroider, you can take that simple wool scarf you purchased and transform it into something truly unique.

Consider, for example, embroidering the recipient’s initials on the scarf—or even a fun pattern. With the right supplies, embroidering on a scarf is very simple!

Embroidered Stockings

Even if you’re not quite to the level of being able to embroider an entire stocking from scratch, you can always purchase a pre-made stocking and add some custom embroidery (such as the person’s name) to it for your gift recipient. This makes an excellent gift for children and adults alike and may be proudly displayed on your recipient’s mantel for many years to come!

Embroidered Ornaments

What more fitting holiday gift than an ornament that can be hung from the tree time and time again? There are so many possibilities when it comes to embroidered ornaments that you can really get creative and make something special for each of your recipients. There are also plenty of free patterns to help guide you that you can download and print online—making this a cost-effective gift option as well!

Embroidered Drink Sleeves

Great as a stocking stuffer or a standalone gift, an embroidered drink sleeve is the perfect gift idea for the coffee- or tea-lover in your life. With just a piece of wool felt, some embroidery thread, and an embroidery needle, you can create a drink sleeve that’s sure to remind your recipient of you each time they enjoy their favorite hot beverage.

Embroidered Holiday Cards

Say goodbye to boring, store-bought holiday cards and take things up a notch by embroidering your very own cards this season. With free patterns available online, it’s easier than you think to create a one-of-a-kind holiday card that won’t end up in the trash! All you’ll need to tackle this project is some quality cardstock (or thick paper) and your basic embroidery supplies.

Get the Supplies You Need From Cathey’s!

If you’re new to embroidery and looking for some creative yet simple holiday gift ideas, any of these can be an excellent starting point. From there, you can feel good about giving your loved ones handcrafted gifts that you’ve put your own time and care into.

Looking for the supplies you need for any of these projects? Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum has you covered. Shop online today for quality embroidery needles, thread, and much more!








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