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5 Holiday Embroidery Project Ideas

5 Holiday Embroidery Project Ideas Embroidery is a great skill to have, as the possibilities for embroidery creations are truly endless. If you're still honing your embroidery skills, however, you might feel a bit intimidated by some of the more ambitious project ideas you've stumbled across on sites…

The Top Three Sewing Myths Debunked!

Are you curious about sewing? If this is an art you've wanted to try all your life, Cathey's Sewing & Vacuum in Tucson has everything you need to begin. And if all those popular sewing misconceptions are scaring you away, we'll help dispel those, too. Myth #1: Boys Don't Sew…

Three Fun, Useful, & Easy DIY Sewing Projects

If you've ever seen a real high-quality sit-down sewing machine, you know it's a thing of beauty. If you're lucky, you might even find one under (or next to) the Christmas tree this year. But even if you don't get your Christmas wish, it would still be nice…