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If you Google “gift” and “sewing,” you’ll find plenty of ideas for people who enjoy sewing. From pattern weights to quippy mugs to sewing caddies, there’s a lot out there sewists will love. But sewing machines for gifts often gets overlooked as an option. Read on to learn why sewing machines make great gifts for anyone who loves to sew.

For beginners

If you know someone who enjoys crafting or has expressed interest in learning to sew, a sewing machine makes a great gift. For beginners, you should look for a model with fewer options so the novice can quickly learn the basics. There’s no need for specialty attachments, advanced stitches, or embroidery functionality. Simply shop for a good quality machine that performs basic sewing functions. The Baby Lock Joy is an excellent option for simple sewing projects, as is the Brother NS80PRW and the Janome HD-3000.

To make the gift truly special, you should consider including pins, thread, needles, a tape measure, and a gift certificate for a sewing class. The person you buy it for will always remember the holidays and sewing as an unforgettable time!

For experienced sewists

Buying sewing machines for experienced sewists requires thought and research. You may be aware of exactly which model your gift recipient has on his or her list. If so, your job is easy. Just come into Cathey’s and let us help you find the exact model.

If you don’t know their preference, you may want to ask some questions before selecting a machine. Find out what types of things the person likes to sew. Is it embroidery? Or quilting? Do they like sewing clothing or home decor items? Sewing machines are specifically made to perform those tasks and make an excellent gift for someone who loves to sew.

Another gift option is a serger or overlock sewing machine. These machines use multiple threads to seam fabric while also covering raw edges. They can be used to construct or finish a piece. In layman’s terms, a serger makes hemming raw edges much more effortless. Many sewists say they didn’t realize how much time a serger could save until they used one!

Specialty options for experienced sewists include:

  • The Baby Lock Sanshiko 2 replicates the distinctive Sanshikohandstitch
  • The Janome Continental M7 quilting machine that has the largest sewing area in the industry
  • The Brother Simplicity SB7900E that lets you embellish pieces with professional quality embroidery



Ask us about sewing machines for gifts

If you’re struggling to find the right sewing machine for the sewist in your life, we’d love to help. At Cathey’s, we have a wide selection of sewing machines and accessories for hobbyists, crafters and professional sewists. Come in today and let us help you discover the perfect sewing machines for gifts!

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