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Here at Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum, in Tucson, Oro Valley, and Sahuarita, Arizona, we like to keep our patrons crafting, developing new skills, and making great projects all year long. To that end, here are ten fabulous patterns to keep your hands busy – on a warm summer evening or a rainy weekend. Better still, they’re free, and they’ll make a super fun weekend sewing project!

These patterns are going to be especially enjoyable if you have little ones to dress up. But anyone who loves cranking out adorable creations will love them for sure.

1. The Pleated Pillowcase Dress

Have an adorable baby girl who needs an equally adorable dress that won’t get in the way of diaper changes? This pillowcase dress is perfect!

2. Budget Stocking

If you’re sorry Christmas is in the rearview, this stocking tutorial can bring it back in a flash. You’ll be bursting with stuffed stockings by the time next Christmas comes.

3. The Do-It-Yourself Tank Top

When that good old summer sun comes beaming down, you’re going to need some cool summer clothes to beat the heat. Try this easy tank top, and keep your cool.

4. The Color Swirl T-Shirt

This color swirl t-shirt pattern is a great way to rescue old, stained shirts and turn heads with this fun swirling design.

5. The Great T-Shirt Reset

Don’t throw those old t-shirts away! Rescue them with these easy-to-make t-shirt makeover patterns and give your girl’s shirts a fresh outlook on life.

6. T-Shirt Flattery

Want a new casual look this summer? Why not put a new face on that old T with this eye-popping T-shirt revamp pattern, and save a bit of money on this year’s clothes shopping.

7. Easy-Peasy Rag Quilt

What’s cuter and more cuddly than a rag quilt? That’s right, nothing. Build up your rag quilt chops with this easy rag quilt pattern. You’ll be glad you did this winter.

8. Simply Striped Quilt

Take that old quilt pattern and turn the classiness up to 11 with this eye-popping striped pattern. Use it as a comfy blanket or hang it up as a stunning wall tapestry in your favorite room.

9. Buttons Throw Quilt

Dazzle friends and family with this deceptively simple quilt design. It’s easy enough, but they’ll think you’re the master of quilting when they see this beautiful design.

10. Placemat Tote Bag

A tote bag is never a bad idea! This one is cute, easy to make, and a great way to upcycle placemats. This placemat tote bag will make a stylish, convenient accessory.

We’re sure you’ll find something in here to get your needles going. Enjoy, and remember, we have everything you need to keep the craft mill running all year long for holidays, summer fun, winter bundling, and just general loveliness. Get in touch with Arizona’s top crafting team here at Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum for all the materials and ideas you need.

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