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Spring Cleaning Your Closet? Here Are 4 Fun Projects

This is an excellent time of year to empty your closets and cut down on your home’s clutter. However, when you’re doing spring cleaning, you don’t have to toss out every item you don’t need. In fact, there are several useful things you can make from T-shirts, sweaters, and other items. You can give your old clothes a whole new use with these fun sewing projects.

Decorative Pillows

When you have sweaters that are a bit worn or out of style, you can make them into decorative throw pillows. These pillows can give you a way to spruce up your living room or bedroom for spring. Gather or purchase throw pillows in the size you want for your bed, sofa, or another piece of furniture. When you’re ready, turn the sweaters inside out and sew the arm and neck holes closed. You can then cut any extra fabric off. Leave the bottom open so you have a convenient way to slide these sweater covers over the pillows.


When you want to do crafting at home with old clothes, gather any shirts or other clothing items you’re done wearing. You can choose a specific pattern or color scheme for your quilt or just go with a random assortment of colors and patterns. Your quilt can also be made up of clothes that have sentimental value, such as baby clothes your kids have outgrown. To make a clothing quilt, determine how big you want it to be, then cut out as many squares as you need. Sew the clothing squares together to create your custom quilt.

Beanie Caps

You can keep getting some use out of old sweaters by turning them into warm and stylish beanie caps. These caps are great for keeping your head warm when it’s cooler out. Just wrap a scarf around your head to measure how wide your beanie cap needs to be. Draw the outline for your hat on the sweater, then cut out two pieces to sew together. Keep in mind that these pieces should be the same size so that your beanie cap fits right. When you’ve sewn these pieces together, you’ll have a comfortable beanie cap to wear.


Sachets come in handy for freshening up drawers, but you can also use them as cold or hot packs for aches and pains in a pinch. You can fill your homemade sachet with dried lavender or another scent that you prefer. Just combine the lavender or other scent with rice, and cut squares from old clothing. Sew the squares together with one side open, so you can fill your sachet with the rice and lavender. Once the sachet is filled, you can sew the opening closed.

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