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Fabric artists have a somewhat notorious reputation for collecting UFOs. In the sewing and quilting world, these are unfinished objects, meaning sewing creations that are yet to be loaded onto the long-arm quilter or placemats that still need binding. Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum in Tucson understands the challenges of staying motivated.

We’re all guilty of beginning new projects before we’ve finished the old ones. One day, we’re shoulders-deep into a disappearing nine-patch, and the next, we’re chasing after a flock of flying geese. For those who dabble in fabric, it’s often the patterns and colors that distract us. Still, seeing a sewing project from beginning to end is important. Here’s what we suggest for finding the motivation to make it all the way through.

Invest in a New Sewing Machine

Household electric sewing machine in work, on bright-orange background

Is it an old, cantankerous machine that’s slowing you down? Is your bobbin always wobbly and your needle constantly breaking? It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re forced to wrestle with a machine that’s seen its best days. Possibly, that little push you need comes in the form of a better sewing machine. Janome, Babylock, and Brother all make serious machines. It’s easy to finish a project when you’re not stopping multiple times to rip out raggedly placed stitches.

Outsource Your Quilting

If you’ve machine-pieced four quilt tops and quilted none, it may have something to do with the amount of work involved in hand-quilting. Today, it’s perfectly acceptable to send your finished top out to your local shop to be quilted. You choose the batting and backing, and the longarm quilting machine does the work.

Join a Local Sewing Project Class

Head down to your local sewing shop and join a class to sew a quilt, a shirt, or a table runner. Being with others and having set deadlines to finish portions of your project is a great way to actually cross the finish line. Also, you’ll get to see what other fabric artisans are doing and how they’re doing it. Classes are great places to learn shortcuts, and shortcuts make it much easier to reach completion.

Meet Up Online for Motivation to Sew

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Social media is filled with sewing and quilting groups who share ideas and inspiration. Look for groups that are private so that only members can see when you comment and post. Also, look for ones that are fairly active and have multiple posts daily. The opportunity to post a picture of your finished project is a great motivation for getting it done.

Treat Yourself to the Best Sewing Tools

Have you always longed to own a serger or a sewing machine that’s capable of embroidery? Treat yourself to a new toy and just watch how quickly you begin to turn out completed projects. Need a designated space to create? Purchase a she-shed and set it up as your new space for sewing creations. Pinterest is filled with ways fabric artists created their own spaces rich in motivation.

Goals are important in seeing a project through to the end, so is actually enjoying what you do. If you create a beautiful place to work and assemble the right tools needed, you just might be surprised at how efficient you become. Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum Repair in Tucson has everything you need to build your dream set-up. Additionally, we offer motivational classes to inspire you. Come see what Cathey’s has to offer today.




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