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If we want to look at the bright side of the past few months, quarantine has sparked new hobbies all across the globe. With more time to stay inside, people have a little extra time and motivation to tackle home projects, learn a new language, or take up an instrument.

It may not be ideal circumstances, but there’s no reason to miss out on these opportunities while you have the chance either. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to sew, Cathey’s Sewing and Vacuum has a few suggestions to get you started


Try Counted Cross-Stitch

When the stress of the day starts to weigh us down, it’s all too easy to binge our favorite content as a way to escape the pressures. There’s nothing wrong with flipping on the TV, but why not try adding an activity to your couch potato time?

With cross-stitch, you’re given a pattern so you can see exactly how many stitches you need in each row. You’re given enough thread in multiple colors to create a beautiful image. And you can do it all without interfering with your wind-down session. Start with a simple project if you’re new to the game, and see if it inspires you to take your hobby a step further.


Try a Quilt

Some of us have heart-warming memories of quilts. These cozy blankets are passed down from generation to generation, a literal map of history that you can use to keep yourself warm. Some of us may only picture worn-out, threadbare, old-fashioned concoctions that don’t have nearly the same nostalgia. But a quilt can (and should) be anything you want it to be.

So maybe you buy a few concert T-shirts online before stitching them together and create a tribute to your favorite bands. Or maybe you sew special trinkets into the layers to create a little treasure hunt for future generations. Quilts will require a sewing machine, but a non-binding quilt is simple enough that even beginners can catch on quickly.


Try a Pillow


When it comes to sewing projects, this one is one of the most practical. Store-bought pillows can be expensive, and the selection is not always what you want it to be.

Quality stuffing and fabric will be an investment, but it’s likely to be a lot less than most of the quality pillows that you can find online. Add a pop of color to a white bedspread, give your couch a little extra texture, or give them out as gifts to family and friends.

Sewing Projects for You

Doing something productive during quarantine isn’t just good for you; it’s good for your entire community. The more skills you pick up, the more you can share them with the people in your life. Whether it’s sewing face masks or teaching others to make their own clothes, you’re doing more good than you think. And if you need a little help along the way, Cathey’s Sewing and Vacuum is here to help.


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