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Spring is often associated with new life as flowers blossom, chicks hatch, and verdant landscapes are reborn. The rejuvenating season also ushers in creativity and inspiration, making it a perfect opportunity to tackle a new slate of spring sewing projects.

For those who love sewing in Tucson, here is a list of 15 simple, yet delightful sewing and crafting ideas that require few materials and no cost for a pattern:

Spring Sewing Projects

  1. DIY Rope Coasters from A Beautiful MessPerfect for protecting coffee tables and other furniture from sweating glasses of iced coffee, lemonade and other beverages, these coasters are eye-catching, yet functional and can include pops of color to match any décor.cold, red drink on a diy rope coaster
  2. DIY Maxi Bag from Chez Piu blog: Get ready for picnics and outings to the park or pool with this large, durable bag — easy to make with four materials — that can hold an assortment of items to use when out and about.
  3. Kate Spade-Inspired Heart Tote from Riva la Diva: Valentine’s Day has passed, but this bright, beautiful tote is a fashionable and functional accessory year-round.
  4. Watermelon Baby Blanket from Sewing Rabbit: Nothing says “spring” like an adorable fleece swaddle blanket in the shape of a juicy watermelon.
  5. DIY Stylish Cat Bed from DESIGN LOVE FEST: With spring comes longer and warmer days. Pet owners can make their cats a cute and comfortable bed, perfect for lounging in the sunshine.
  6. Two-Piece Outfit from BRIT + CO: Transform a frumpy thrift-store find into a stylish, weather-appropriate outfit that is suitable for concerts in the park, outdoor dining, and other spring activities.
  7. Fabric Pots from Pretty Quirky Pants: Dress up plants and flowers with DIY fabric pots that can be made with an array of textured and colorful materials.
  8. Fried Egg Zipper Pouch from Damask Love: Everyone needs a place to keep their change, and this felt zipper pouch — in the shape of a fried egg — is the perfect fit for breakfast and brunch lovers.
  9. Funfetti Pretzel Pillow from A Kailo Chic Life: Staying on theme with food-related projects, this colorful pretzel pillow is easy to make and doesn’t even require a sewing machine.
  10. DIY Kimono from BRIT + COKimonos are a wonderful wardrobe addition for spring, when it’s common for warm days to be bookended by chilly mornings and evenings — and this kimono can be made in 30 minutes for just $10.
  11. Embroidered Handkerchiefs from Honestly: Crafters can customize a handkerchief with a design of their choice using a simple stem stitch.
  12. Hammock Chair from A Beautiful MessThis hammock chair, which works well on a porch or by a window in a living room, is surprisingly easy to make with canvas, a dowel, and a few other items.Hammock Chair hanging on beautiful outdoor porch
  13. Storage Bins from Haberdashery FunPatterned bins are useful in a myriad of spaces — offices, nurseries, bedrooms, and entryways — and can visually augment the overall aesthetic with the right fabric.
  14. Linen Potholders from The MerrythoughtSpring is a good time for refreshing supplies and that includes potholders, which become grubby and worn over time.
  15. DIY Lavender Sachets from BRIT + CO: These lavender-scented sachets make a special gift, but are also great for personal use in a dresser drawer, gym bag, or closet.

Sewing Together in Tucson

For those looking to turn their spring sewing in a social activity, Tucson Cathey’s stores offer a variety of engaging sewing classes and clubs. Members can learn new techniques and tackle specific projects among a community of other craft- and sewing-lovers.

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