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Have you started creating your holiday sewing gifts? If not, we have some great sewing gift ideas you can make for friends and family. These homemade gifts range from quick and easy to those that may require a few sittings to complete. We are confident that you’ll find at least one project on this list that fits your holiday sewing needs.

1. A Gift Card Holder

Everyone has at least one person on their holiday gift-giving list who is incredibly difficult to buy for. While you may know the stores they shop in and some general interests, it can be difficult to choose a specific gift for them. This makes it tempting to go for the easy solution: buy a gift card! Except there isn’t much personalization in a gift card, now is there?

Our proposed solution to the dilemma is simple: try sewing a gift card holder. This way you’re offering something fun, personalized, and practical. Slip a gift card inside. This gives your loved one a place to organize and store any gift cards they receive this holiday season.

This project is moderately difficult. The stitches used are straightforward but there’s quite a bit of sewing involved. To personalize it, use fabrics that suit the person you are giving the gift to. Personalize this gift further by adding their initials or name. Don’t be afraid to break this project up into multiple sessions, as it should take a few hours to complete.

2. A Floor Pillow for Kids

Handmade gifts aren’t just for the adults in the family, little ones will treasure your holiday sewing projects as well. With so much children’s gift giving being commercialized, receiving homemade gifts is sure to be refreshing. This child’s floor pillow is fun, cute, and sure to be a hit.

Part of what makes this particular holiday sewing project so special is that it’s easy to personalize. You pick the fabrics and colors, and the patterns are simple to customize in order to make them more unique. A frog pillow for example, could easily become a monster while the elephant could be transformed into a bunny.

Due to the size of the pillow and the smaller details, this is a moderately difficult sewing project. For the body itself, the stitches are simple, but the hands and feet require more skill and strategy. Expect to put in about five hours of work on this gift.

3. A Teacher Tote Bag

Out of all the people on your gift-giving list, teachers can be one of the hardest to find gifts for. Since you don’t know them personally, their likes and dislikes aren’t clear. As for traditional teacher gifts, teachers tend to have enough mugs and apple-themed trinkets to fill their desks, classrooms, and homes. A gift card could work, but a neat alternative idea is this a teacher tote bag.

Ask any teacher and they’ll probably tell you that they never have enough bags. Just watch teachers walking from their car into the building the next time you’re early to school drop-off—most will be carrying a minimum of three bags. Sturdy tote bags, in particular, are a teacher go-to and must-have.

So, why not make one yourself? These simple, sturdy tote bags are easy to customize with different fabrics, colors, and notions. Because these are meant to be sturdy, they involve more sewing than your standard tote bag design, but the difficulty level is moderate. Expect to spend a couple of hours on this holiday sewing project.

4. A Monogramed Blanket

Blankets are always a great gift for the holidays. When the weather gets chilly enough to warrant their use, it isn’t winter without a few throw blankets around the house. This blanket makes a wonderful gift for pretty much anyone on your list.

To customize, decide how big the blanket should be, pick the colors, and select a suitable pattern for the monogram. The monogram itself is a highly personalized element that most people will love. You can decide to add additional elements as well, such as a fuzzy backing for extra warmth or small accents.

To complete this project, you’ll need to know how to make a zig-zag stitch and a blanket stitch. The zig-zag is a basic stitch, but the blanket stitch is slightly more advanced. If you aren’t skilled at it, practice it on scrap fabric first. Overall, expect to put in about five hours in on this holiday gift project.

5. A Reading Pocket Pillow

The Christmas Eve gift box has become something of a tradition amongst modern parents. On the night before Christmas, children are given a single box to open. Inside are pajamas, a book, and usually a small treat, such as hot chocolate mix or cookies. If you keep this tradition with your child or plan to give a gift to a child whose parents do, this reading pocket pillow serves as an excellent complement.

If you have ever made a throw pillow before, this project should be quick and easy. In essence, it’s just a standard throw-pillow template with a pocket added to the front and a handle to the top. The most difficult aspect is the decorative edging, but this can be skipped in favor of a simpler finish.

To personalize, use fabric in colors and patterns the child would love, and if you want to go the extra mile, add their name to the corner of the pillow. In all, the project should take a couple of hours—but make memories that last a lifetime.

6. A Personalized Gift Tag

Here’s an option that isn’t a gift itself but can certainly enhance the gifts you give. Add a personalized gift tag to sewing gifts you make or gifts you’ve purchased. These can add delightful touches to beautiful holiday gifts for whimsy and warmth.

One of the reasons we adore this project is that it allows you to use your fabric scraps in an easy and creative way. You can whip up several of these in an hour, and if you only add the name of the recipient, these can easily be reused as name tags for luggage, backpacks, and other items during the year. There’s nothing not to love about this little project!

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