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It’s a good thing you’re already sitting down when it’s time for sewing. Otherwise, you could easily be knocked off your feet with some amazing features available in one of the top sewing machine brands here at Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum. That brand is Brother.

Well-known for its huge selection of printers and all-in-one office machines, Brother also has a generous lineup of sewing machines. We get pretty excited about sewing machines in general, and that excitement hits an all-time peak when we’re talking about Brother machines. Here’s why:

Brother Offers Machines for Every Level

Whether you can sew a ball gown blindfolded or are just getting started sewing, Brother has a machine for you. Beginners can complete projects in a snap with an entry-level model that comes with a handful of built-in stitches. More advanced sewers can opt for intricate Brother sewing machines that feature all the bells, whistles — and hundreds of built-in stitches.

Most Brother sewing machines are designed to complete basic household sewing chores, so any one of them is likely to have you covered. One of the brand’s claims to fame is offering straight stitching you can fully customize. This feature lets you create blankets, clothing, and curtains with personalized flair.

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Brother Has Machines for Every Project

If you’re looking to go beyond blankets, clothing, and curtains, Brother has you covered there, too. Some of the brand’s machines come with a free arm, which lets you more easily manipulate fabric under and around the needle. This opens the door to a whole range of additional projects that require more flexibility and freedom than lengthy, straight pieces of fabric.

In addition to standard sewing machines, Brother also serves up combo machines that can do quilting or embroidery in addition to sewing. You’ll also find straight-up embroidery machines for intricate designs as well as serger sewing machines for professionally finished hems and seams.

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Brother Sewing Machines Come with Tons of Perks

One of the greatest perks of any Brother sewing machine is its ability to make sewing easy. The machines are equipped with high-quality feeder dogs for consistency and a top-loading bobbin for easy thread changes. Preparing and using the machines are also straightforward. Once you set up the sewing machine for the project, it automatically begins to sew at a steadily consistent speed.

Most Brother machines come with LED lighting that shines a bright white light on your sewing area. That means you get a fully illuminated view of the details as you move along, helping to ensure you won’t miss or glitch a stitch. Additional advantages in some models include automatic buttonholes and easy bobbin winding.

Now you can see why you should be sitting down when you review all the options and benefits a Brother sewing machine has to offer. It not only makes sewing easy, but it makes it even more fun. Check out the selection of Brother sewing machines at Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum today.

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