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The (Dramatic) History of the Sewing Machine

The history of sewing machines is a bit complicated, even controversial, and riddled by a number of attempts, failures, and patents issued—and not issued—to several pioneering inventors who contributed various elements which led to the modern-day sewing machine. Sewing machine history can be traced back to the 18th century,…

Beginner’s Sewing Projects to try in the New Year

beginner sewer at sewing machine

Did you receive a new sewing machine for the holidays? Have you discovered a new-found interest in sewing? Or maybe you’re revisiting a long-lost interest for one of your favorite old hobbies! Whatever the reason, the New Year is the perfect time to dive in and try your…

2019 Fashion Trends to Use in Your Sewing Projects

trendy 2019 girl is lavender and purple hat and skirt

It’s a brand-new year! Happy 2019! Are you already planning a variety of 2019 sewing projects? Whether your plans are to create homemade clothes, homemade accessories, or even home decor, 2019 fashion trends are a great place to start for inspiration. What better place to begin than with…