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How to Select a Pattern for Your Next Sewing Project

How to Select a Pattern for Your Next Sewing Project  Sewing patterns are a useful resource if you're looking to create a specific garment. However, with so many different sewing pattern options available, it can be difficult to know how to select a pattern that best suits your…

Inspiration for Unfinished Quilting Projects

Quilting pillows

Nothing beats the enthusiasm of a sewer embarking on a new project. The patterns! The fabrics! The joy! Similarly, nothing beats the despair of a tailor tired of an old, unfinished project. The sadness! The self-recrimination! Well, time to let that go. Instead of hating on yourself for…

The Benefits of Kid’s Sewing Camp This Summer

kids sewing class

Remember that time you made your own shirt in high school? No? Kids in the eighties had the choice of taking vocational courses such as shop and home economics in high school. Today, however, classes like these have been replaced by coursework in computer science, business, and personal…