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5 Ways Sewing Classes Can Impact Your Sewing Hobby

Women working together in a sewing class

While many sewing projects are designed for solo work, there are many benefits when it comes to engaging in the hobby in a group setting. Sewing classes and other communal environments can open up the mind and introduce you to new ideas while providing a sense of camaraderie.…

How a Sewing Hobby Can Improve Your Health

girl and a seewing machine, fabric, and thread

There are plenty of practical reasons to take up sewing as a hobby, including being able to alter clothes, sew practical household items, and make presents for friends and family members. The benefits of this time-honored practice, however, are much more far-reaching than just its useful functions and…

Easter Sewing Projects to Try This Year

easter bunny any easter eggs, easter sewing projects title

Easter is primarily associated with spending time and creating good memories with friends, family and the broader Tucson community. It often includes organized events and gatherings such as picnics, potlucks and Easter egg hunts. With its slew of appealing characters and icons, however, the holiday also lends itself…