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How to Fix Problems With Sewing Machine Stitches

Did you know that sewing is increasingly becoming recognized as an effective way to calm the mind and reduce stress? If you use a sewing machine, you know that frustrations do occur. It's not always rainbows and butterflies when your stitching isn't coming out the way you want…

5 Simple but Effective Quilting Techniques

Did you know that around 11 million Americans quilt? Every quilter should be proficient in a variety of quilting techniques, but ten of them are considered essential knowledge by almost all seasoned quilters. The hundreds of quilting techniques you'll come across with your first quilt can easily overwhelm…

5 Cross-Stitch Techniques to Learn for Your Next Project

Cross-stitching is technically a form of embroidery that's a lot easier than more complicated techniques. Cross-stitch patterns tell you how many stitches you'll need in each row. You will then use x-shaped stitches of the same size to fill out the pattern until you complete the full image.…