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Why Sewing Helps Fight Depression   

Depression is a very tricky disease. It can overwhelm people with no warning at all, or it can build over time until it becomes unbearable. With the pandemic in full swing, we’re seeing more anxiety take hold in people. This can unfortunately, turn into this all-consuming disorder. The good news is that depression can be fought once you have the right tools. We’ll look at why sewing is one that you should have in your personal arsenal. 

Getting a Break 

If you’ve ever sewed before, you likely already know that it’s a break from the world around you. Even if it’s not your all-time favorite activity, it pulls you away from the everyday worries that plague us all. When you’re focused on creating something, you’re not thinking about the latest Twitter post or the most recent cycle of the news. There’s nothing wrong with being informed, but there is something wrong with being swept away by a never-ending tide of information. 

Progress in Motion 

As you sew, you shift your mind to what’s in front of you. You start thinking about how to get from one step of the process to the next. You also watch your work literally take shape in front of you. Starting with a blank canvas, you use your talents and wit to produce something more. And you take pleasure in what’s to come once you’re putting on the final touches. Whether you give your project away or keep it for yourself, you can use the finish line goal to help you power through the home stretch. 

Good for the Brain 

When you sew, you practice your hand-eye coordination, which can actually give your brain a mental boost. This kind of self-care helps us remove negative thoughts and generate more brain cells. To fight depression, you need to engage the mind with something other than doom and gloom. Sewing not only creates something beautiful, but it also sends a message that we have a positive impact on the world. 

New Friends 

There’s a whole community of sewers out there. When you have questions or need advice, you can reach out to people who are genuinely interested in helping you get to the next level. As you develop your skills and take on new challenges, you can turn around and offer your own guidance to sewers that are new on the scene. As with so many things in life, the more you give, the more you receive in return. 

Sewing might not necessarily replace professional therapy, but it can provide a new kind of mental health care. It’s going take some effort to gather the supplies, select a pattern, and find the right threads, but it’s all a part of how sewing can take you away from whatever happens to be in front of you. If you’re ready to get started, Cathy’s Sewing and Vacuum is here to help. Let us be the stepping stone to get you on your way. 

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