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Are you curious about sewing? If this is an art you’ve wanted to try all your life, Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum in Tucson has everything you need to begin. And if all those popular sewing misconceptions are scaring you away, we’ll help dispel those, too.

Myth #1: Boys Don’t Sew

Sewing isn’t just for women. Males can sew, too. Just ask Chris Martin of Coldplay, who says he and his fellow band members have been known to design and sew their own stage clothes. Or ask George Clooney, who once reportedly whipped out a needle and thread to fix his date’s dress just before their red-carpet walk. It’s a modern myth that sewing only interests women. But that’s like saying only men enjoy working on cars. Sewing stereotypes exist, even today. But the truth is — anyone can sew. All it takes is interest and the right tools.

And if you head on over to YouTube, you’ll see entire channels dedicated to the manly art of sewing. Man Sewing With Rob Appell is one. It features a thirty-something guy working on useful sewing projects as tee shirts, skull caps, and potholders. On Facebook, you’ll see groups and pages dedicated to DIY sewing for men.

Myth #2: Sewing Is No Longer Practical

False. Sewing always has been and will still be based on need. Our ancestors didn’t have the clothes and quilts they needed to keep their families comfortable, so they made them instead. Sure, there are plenty of classes out there on how to make decorative items. Still, even these have practical purposes: Wall hangings, pillow tops, quilts and coverlets, and even purses and handbags are popular items often featured in sewing classes, but each has a practical purpose. It either decorates your home, keeps you warm, or helps you carry your cell phone and car keys to the mall.

Also, aside from creating pretty things that have practical applications, sewing is a wonderful stress reliever. The colors, fabrics, and wealth of designs possible are pure artistry, and it’s extremely satisfying to make something that you and your heirs will use and enjoy for years to come.

Myth # 3: Sewing Is an Expensive Hobby

Other popular sewing misconceptions deal with cost. Sewing machines are expensive. Fabric is pricey. But to be honest, all you really need to sew is a simple needle, some nice-quality thread, and the fabric of your choice. If you find sewing enjoyable, then it makes sense to invest in a nice sewing machine and quality tools, but that’s entirely up the artisan. Nobody ever has to drain their savings to enjoy the art of sewing. Additionally, most people are willing to invest in activities they enjoy doing, whether that includes going to the gym, teeing off on the local green, or learning to play the ukulele.

If you’re ready to explore the art of sewing, Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum in Tucson, Arizona, is the go-to place to begin. We carry a full line of contemporary machines and supplies to fit every hobbyist. And our abundance of classes will easily dispel all those sewing myths that have been keeping you up nights.

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