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Did you know that nearly 60% of people in the United States don’t know how to sew?

Sewing is a helpful skill that can save you money and fuel a passion for creation.

If you want to improve your sewing, you should consider embroidery, which follows patterns on fabric.

Continue reading to discover the most essential embroidery supplies that you will need to get started!

Embroidery Needles

One of the most important embroidery supplies you need is needles.

Embroidery needles are similar to a traditional sewing needles, however, they aren’t as sharp. Embroidery needles are slightly duller and the hole for the thread is larger. If you want to get unique stitching on your fabrics, you might need to get special needles, depending on the type of thread you use.

Various Colors of Thread

Many people recommend buying embroidery thread in packages or bulk.

A wonderful thread to purchase comes from the Floriani brand. This polyester embroidery thread comes in many shades and the material doesn’t let the color fade. You’ll want many shades to choose from to create beautiful embroidery patterns.


Depending on the pattern you want to stitch, you need to get fabric that will match the design.

Most people recommend embroidering with cotton, wool, and linen. Felt and denim are other fabrics that can also get used for embroidery. Think about the purpose of your project to determine the best fabric.

It helps to keep different sizes and patterns of fabric so that you have a few to choose from. The color of your fabric will also influence the colors of the threads you use.

Embroidery Hoops

Hand stitching embroidery patterns without a hoop can lead to puckering fabric and wrinkles.

Embroidery hoops prevent these issues from happening by tightening the fabric. There are many types of shapes, sizes, and materials that hoops come in, but most people select one off on their preferences.

Another factor to consider when selecting your embroidery hoops is the fabric you will use. The fabric might get loose or be difficult to stretch in one position. A fun project that you can try with smaller hoops is turning them into holiday ornaments or decorations!

Fabric Pens

As you gain more experience with embroidery, you will likely want to create custom designs.

Fabric pens allow you to draw on fabric, and they can even get erased. These pens are great for drawing special features on your patterns. Another reason to get these useful tools is that they can help you draw a grid to ensure that all of the elements are lined up straight.

Nearly 50% of people in the United States struggle to read their handwriting. Having these pens will let you practice before you stitch!

Check These Embroidery Supplies Off the List

Buying embroidery supplies can be fun when you pick out all of the colors of thread, but there are many other items to remember.

Needles, thread, and hoops are necessary to stitch on the fabric. Once you get all of your supplies, you can craft your own patterns with a pen and surprise loved ones with custom gifts.

As you gain confidence with embroidery, sewing will become more attainable.

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