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Inspiration for Unfinished Quilting Projects

Quilting pillows

Nothing beats the enthusiasm of a sewer embarking on a new project. The patterns! The fabrics! The joy! Similarly, nothing beats the despair of a tailor tired of an old, unfinished project. The sadness! The self-recrimination! Well, time to let that go. Instead of hating on yourself for…

Quilters Unite for 2020 Quilt Fiesta in Tucson

At the end of February, hundreds of quilters from around the state will gather in Tucson for the 42 annual Quilt Fiesta, an event that combines fun, education, and community into a memorable weekend experience. The Tucson Quilter Guild's Quilt Fiesta, which takes place Feb. 21 to 23 at…

Cathey’s Beginner’s Guide to Quilting

If a 40-percent off fabric sale gets your heart pumping, then quilting might be your game. Quilting is a textile art that dates back thousands of years. Born out of practicality, today's modern quilts are true works of art. They will still keep you cozy during a cold…