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If you’re like most people, you’re looking forward to Spring and Summer. But the sunny seasons are not just about fun in the sun; they’re about fun in what you’re wearing- and what could be more fun than a light, airy, and cute summer ensemble that you’ve made yourself? We found 7 patterns that anyone can sew- and anyone who can’t sew them can learn to. As you browse our Tucson sewing selections, keep in mind that we have everything you need to make these summer dreams a reality here at Cathey’s in Tucson, AZ.


7 Simple Summer Sewing Ideas

Sewing Tucson style doesn’t get any easier than it is with these 6 simple and airy samples from pattern makers all across the Internet.


  1. Shoulder Drop-Sleep Top

There’s nothing nicer than a little bit of shoulder under the sun. This pattern is the perfect go-to item from March to August. Best of all, anyone can make it using these simple instructions.


  1. Strapless Summer Romance

A slightly more formal and decidedly more lovely pattern is the Strapless Summer romance sundress. With the right fabric and additions, this pattern may even pass for a casual summer wedding dress. Follow this simple DIY pattern to make it yours.


  1. The Kimono Sundress

There’s nothing that exudes comfort, elegance, and function as the traditional Kimono pattern. With just a few alterations, this traditional Japanese robe pattern becomes the perfect knee-high summer dress. Put your spin on this pattern and express yourself this summer.


  1. Ruffled Shoulders

These summer ideas don’t have to be just for you. You can make adorable shoulder ruffles for the little girls in your life with this simple and fun pattern.


  1. Summer Caftan Dress

There’s nothing like a summer caftan dress for having fun and keeping casual. It’s an excellent choice for boating, strolling through a grassy field. It’s even somewhat timid when it wants to be. You can make this pattern in record time following these instructions.


  1. The Maxi Halter Top

It’s stretchy, elegant, simple, and practical. The Maxi Halter Top tutorial from Smashed Peas and Carrots will be the perfect way to greet the Autumn season, but not before you enjoy it throughout the summer.


  1. Summer Beach Dress

We may not have a beach here in AZ, but that doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying this simple, cute, and fun boat dress from Caroline Hulse. It’s a sporty and casual item that goes great at the poolside, at the park, or wherever you may be.



Sewing Tucson Styles Your Way

Don’t forget; we have everything you need to bring these patterns off the screen and into your life here at Cathey’s in Tucson, AZ. We have curbside pickup, so you can browse online, place your orders, and for best results, call ahead so our team can have your summer sewing supplies all packed up and ready to go.









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