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The New Year is the perfect time for people to evaluate various areas of their lives and determine where they want to make changes or improvements. For avid or beginning sewers, this may also be a time to assess what resolutions could help them reach new goals and advance their craft. Whether they are in a sewing rut or simply wanting new challenges, sewers in Tucson can establish New Year’s resolutions to get a fresh start in 2020.

New Year Sewing Ideas

For those looking for ideas to motivate and guide their sewing plans in the New Year, it’s crucial to take stock of their current situation and what is deterring them from meeting their goals. Or perhaps they desire a new direction or challenge. Here are a few New Year’s resolutions to consider:

1. Sew a Few Easy and Fun Items

For anyone who wants to start sewing or who is in a sewing rut, a good way to begin—or begin again—is tackling something small and easy that also results in a desirable product. Whether that’s a new article of clothing, a warm blanket for the remaining winter months, or a delightful piece of embroidery, the goal is to kick-start the hobby. Often when people accomplish one task, even if it’s relatively small, they receive fresh motivation to attempt something more challenging.

2. Pick Practical Sewing Projects

On the other hand, seasoned and prospective sewers who are struggling to maintain work-life balance and finding it hard to pursue their hobby may want to take a different approach. If they determine to work on projects that have a practical use—such as clothes or items for their children or a birthday present for a family member—it can help them feel like they’re not misusing their limited time. At the end of the day, they get to indulge in a hobby they find enjoyable and relaxing and yet still produce something useful and needed.

3. Find a New Style to Wear

For the fashionistas who fill their wardrobes with their hand-crafted creations, an excellent New Year’s resolution is to consider what style fits their current vibe and professional life—or what’s missing from traditional clothing stores that can only be made at home. Maybe they want to try bolder statement pieces, or they need stylish, yet clean-cut pieces to wear to work. These goals can be used to attempt new patterns that challenge their skills and help them develop additional ones.

4. Take a Sewing Class

Communal sewing is the ideal way for anyone to garner fresh ideas while picking up new techniques. Being around others who share a particular passion is motivating, and seeing what they create can give sewers who are in a rut good ideas to apply to their craft. Sewing classes also help sewers focus on learning a new skill or mastering a style that’s different from what they’re used to.

5. Revamp a Designated Sewing Space

Another issue that can undermine the motivation to sew is the lack of appropriate space. Some sewers may want to consider either setting up a space at their home that is designated for sewing or reorganizing and restocking their current space. Starting off the New Year with an area that conveniently contains all their favorite supplies, equipment, and patterns along with comfortable seating and lighting may be the push some sewers need to continue pursuing their craft.

Sew What? A New Year Approach

Whether sewers in Tucson are facing logistical or mental hang-ups, Cathey’s Sewing and Vacuum can be a source of help thanks to its vast offering of sewing classes, supplies, and patterns. At Cathey’s, sewers can find motivation and the items they need to accomplish their New Year’s resolutions heading into 2020.

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