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4 Sewing Group Benefits to Consider

4 Sewing Group Benefits to Consider   If you enjoy sewing, whether it be a casual hobby or even a source of income, you may want to consider joining a local sewing group. This way, you can meet up in person with others who are working on different…

How to Select a Pattern for Your Next Sewing Project

How to Select a Pattern for Your Next Sewing Project  Sewing patterns are a useful resource if you're looking to create a specific garment. However, with so many different sewing pattern options available, it can be difficult to know how to select a pattern that best suits your…

Inspiration for Unfinished Quilting Projects

Quilting pillows

Nothing beats the enthusiasm of a sewer embarking on a new project. The patterns! The fabrics! The joy! Similarly, nothing beats the despair of a tailor tired of an old, unfinished project. The sadness! The self-recrimination! Well, time to let that go. Instead of hating on yourself for…