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In the United States, there are numerous month-long observances, some that are better known than others. One that many have yet to hear about is National Sewing Month. This observance has been in place since 1982, beginning with a proclamation from President Ronald Regan.

While this observance has been in place for 36 years, it wasn’t until the advent of social media that it really took off. Now, sewing groups across the country celebrate sewing month—and you can too. September is a great time to take up sewing, try something new, or take on a new challenge. If you aren’t sure how to celebrate, don’t fret: We have 16 ways for you to make the most of National Sewing Month.

1. Meet up with a friend that loves to sew.

Sewing is an activity that can be quite solitary, which can be a good thing. For many practitioners, it’s almost meditative in the way it calms and soothes, but it can also be a very social activity. Why not invite a friend over for some coffee or a bite to eat and complete a project together?

2. Visit an American Quilter’s Society or American Sewing Guild meeting.

While many sewing communities are online, there are also collectives you can join and meet up with in person. The American Quilter’s Society and American Sewing Guild are two associations with a strong national presence. Chances are a meeting will be happening near you this month.

3. Take time to teach a younger family member.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many arts and crafts are no longer being passed down from generation to generation. This is particularly tragic when it comes to sewing, as the basics are more of a life skill than a hobby. Take some time to teach someone in the next generation some simple sewing techniques or work together to complete a sewing craft.

4. Visit a quilt or fabric shop in your area.

Do you need more fabric in your sewing space? Maybe not, but who doesn’t love perusing new fabrics and offerings at fabric and quilt stores? Take this time to indulge your passion by picking up something new, or even just enjoy some window shopping with future projects in mind. The holidays are coming up soon and people love homemade gifts!

5. Stitch together a pillowcase as an All People Quilt donation.

All People Quilt is a national association you can join for free or work with without having to officially join. They’re currently working on a charity challenge: to donate one million pillowcases. To take part, stich up a case and drop it off at a participating store near you this month.

6. Treat yourself to something new.

No matter your budget, there must be something you could purchase or create during National Sewing Month that would make an excellent treat for you—or even another sewing enthusiast in your life. If you’re in the market for a new sewing machine, both Brother and Janome sewing machines are excellent options we’d recommend.

7. Collaborate on a project with a family member or good friend.

There are all sorts of free ideas, patterns, and templates online for collaborative sewing projects, from creating two versions of the same product to mailing a single project back and forth. Be creative and have fun with your sewing comrades. Perhaps you could create a sewing group that meets regularly and not just during September!

8. Sew a toy for a child.

A homemade and sewn gift could be saved for a birthday gift, the holidays, or given just because. If there are no little ones around, consider creating something for your favorite pet or for a local charity. There are numerous organizations across the United States that will happily take your sewing project donations.

9. Get a head start on your holiday gifts.

Everyone loves to receive presents, and handmade gifts are all the more special. If you wait until the holidays are upon you to get started, you’ll probably feel rushed and the quality of your work may suffer as a result. Instead, get started now on the gifts you plan to give this December.

10. Join an online challenge.

Online sewing communities are always posting sewing challenges. From specific projects to completing a set number of projects of your choosing, these can be a great way to be active in the sewing community while also furthering your skills.

11. Surprise someone with a gift.

If you enjoy sewing small items, you could leave them in random places to help make the day of a total stranger. One idea is to sew something cute and leave it in the children’s area of your local library. Eventually a little one will come across it and take it home—just be sure to leave a note so the parents will know it’s theirs to keep.

12. Host a charity sewing party.

It’s one thing to complete a project for charity by yourself but think about amplifying the results by bringing others onboard, as well. Get as many friends together as you can and host a charity sewing party. If you choose something simple like the pillowcases noted above, even new sewers can participate.

13. Take time to clean and get organized.

You no doubt have a lot on your plate, and that often means neglecting your sewing supplies. Use National Sewing Month to take the time to clean your iron, sewing machine, and re-organize your sewing supplies. This will help to maintain all your supplies and make it less likely that they’ll get lost or need to be replaced in the future.

14. Go crazy Pinning new projects.

As you no doubt know, the Tucson sewing community is Pinterest obsessed. If you don’t have any projects in mind, why not do a little research? Start Pinning projects like crazy this month and before you know it, you’ll have a slew of choices and easily find the one you’d like to work on next.

15. Whip up some decorations for fall, winter, and the holidays.

Handmade decorations feel more suited to the fall and winter months, don’t you agree? From stuffed snowmen to pumpkins to cornucopias, DIY projects you can make yourself will warm your home and get you into the spirit of the season.

16. Take a sewing class online or in person.

No matter how much of an expert you are, there’s always something new to learn. From online sewing classes to sewing classes in Tucson, there are numerous opportunities available to you. In fact, we offer classes right here at Cathey’s!

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