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At one time, sewing was a necessary life skill, especially among the middle- and lower-classes, who needed to know the basics to ensure they could keep themselves and their families clothed and protected from the elements.

In this day and age, even those on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum can find affordable clothing at a variety of retail establishments. The large millennial generation, now in the throes of adulthood, is mostly unskilled when it comes to sewing. This is an unfortunate reality, as all people young and old can benefit from knowing even the most basic forms of needlework and there’s no shortage of convenient ways to learn.

The Impact of Sewing Your Own Clothing

Sewing is not merely a way to pass the time. In fact, this useful hobby can help you save money by bypassing the environmental and social repercussions of purchasing clothing from a retailer. Millennials, in general, are an ethnically diverse, highly educated and socially conscious generation who also desires items that are high-quality and long lasting. The art of sewing embodies many of those ideals they value. On the flip side, having more millennials engaged in sewing can also boost the industry and ensure this important human skill carries forward to future generations.

Where Can Millennials Learn to Sew?

millennials learning to sew in a class


A question that comes up when most hobbies and activities begin is—where do I start? Anyone who is a sewing beginner is in luck, though, because there are a variety of options that cater to different preferences and time availability. Here are just a few ways millennials can master the art of sewing:

  • Local classes. Many sewing and craft stores offer classes and clubs to help people get their creative juices flowing and learn new skills such as quilting, embroidery, machine appliqué, operating a sewing machine, and much more. The classes themselves are an engaging experience where people can meet other individuals with the same sewing interests, share ideas, and support one another.
  • Groups. Millennials often use online services and social platforms to find other individuals who share similar interests. One popular platform is Meetup, which organizes online groups who then host in-person events for people within a geographic area. It’s easy to search Meetup for sewing groups in a given area and then find an actual event to attend. Other similar platforms include Citysocializer.com, a social media app, and MEETin.
  • Online. The internet is a wealth of information that millennials often search for instructions on anything from how to change a car’s oil to playing an instrument. Sewing tutorials, of course, can be easily found scattered across the internet. The most popular platform for tutorials of all kinds is YouTube. Many other websites and blogs also include tutorial videos that can take a sewing beginner step-by-step through the creative process. A few other good sites to check out are SkillshareCrazy Little Projects, and Tilly and the Buttons.
  • From experienced individuals. It may seem old-school, but there is often no better way to learn a trade or skill than from those who possess an abundance of insight and experience. Millennials interested in learning how to sew can ask knowledgeable relatives, coworkers or members of a social group to mentor them.

Millennial Sewing Opportunities

happy young woman measuring sewing dress project

Whether a person wants to design and sew unique, high-quality outfits or to simply have the knowledge to make adjustments to their wardrobe, it all begins with sewing. Millennials who desire to have a smaller environmental footprint, save money, and learn a useful hobby can start today by attending a sewing class, finding an online tutorial, or tapping into the valuable knowledge of older acquaintances. As always, we’re here to answer any sewing questions you may have or help you sign up for one of our many classes at our 3 locations in Tucson, Arizona.


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