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A good, old fashioned sewing machine is a marvelously utilitarian device and can help to turn out hundreds of stitches in a few short minutes in the hands of a skilled seamstress. But if you’re a dedicated crafter, as many of our readers are, then you know you will want to continue to do your craft during summer vacations, while visiting family for the autumn and winter holidays, and maybe even on your lunch breaks at work. 

 That means you’re going to have to master free hand stitching. 

 Tucson Sewing Classes 

Here at Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment in Tucson Arizona, we can help to set you up with the finest Tucson sewing classes in the region. Not only will you learn how to get by without your trusty sewing machine, but you’ll learn tricks of the trade that will make hand sewing a key part of your craft. 

 You’ll learn to do many of the basic staple stitches that you make every day right now with the help of your trusty sewing machine. But you will also learn many highly refined techniques that only the human hand is capable of executing. With these techniques in your crafting arsenal, you will reach the next level as a sewing aficionado. 

 You’ll be able to weave in detail like never before!  

 Here at C.A.V.E. in Tucson, Arizona, our instructional and collaborative sewing groups will help you to learn dozens of hand stitches that can only be executed by hand. You’ll learn; 

  • The Back Stitch 
  • The Running stitch 
  • The Basting stitch 
  • The Whip stitch 
  • The Overcast stitch 
  • The Catch stitch
  • The Blanket stitch or Buttonhole stitch
  • The Blind hem or Slip stitch
  • The vertical hem stitch or Couch stitch

… and so much more. 

Of course, just learning hand stitches is only the beginning. In time you can learn to string different hand stitches together in such a way as to bring out all the flavor and personality needed to set your work apart from that of any other seamstress. 

You’ll learn to choose the best thread for each stitch. You’ll master the art of matching needles to thread types. You’ll become proficient in perfect knot placement at the end of each and every piece of thread. 

Of course, there is no end to the levels of mastery you can achieve as you learn to bring all of these skills to bear on your craft. While most crafters in your Facebook groups will remain tied to their home-bound sewing machines, you’ll develop the ability to turn out high quality stitching no matter where you are on Earth.  

Here at, Cathey’s Audio Visual Entertainment in Tucson Arizona – we hope to bring you everything you need to make your crafting dreams a reality. Give us a call, click, or stop by today to learn more, and make your crafting journey more complete with C.A.V.E. in AZ. 


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