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Do you have old pairs of jeans lying around? Perhaps you’ve amassed a collection of denim that’s no longer in style, or maybe you’ve held onto jeans that your children have outgrown. Regardless, there are some upcycling ideas you can tackle that will allow you to get a little more use out of that denim and keep your old jeans out of landfills!

Make Old Jeans Like New

If you have jeans that still fit but that have simply gone out of style, you may be able to bring them back into style with a little bit of creativity (and a trusty sewing machine). Not sure where to begin? On flared jeans, consider drawing in each leg to create a more fashionable boot-cut or “skinny” fit around the calves.

This relatively quick and easy alteration doesn’t take a lot of sewing experience and can really make your jeans look like new! And of course, creating your own fashionable pair of jeans will save you the time (and money) needed to shop for new ones off-the-rack.

Transform Them Into Shorts

Cut-off shorts are still in fashion, and you actually don’t even need a sewing machine to pull off this style. All you’ll need is a reliable pair of fabric scissors, a piece of chalk, and an old pair of jeans.

Begin by using your fabric scissors to cut away the pant legs until they’re about knee-length. From there, put the jeans on to get a better feel for where you’d like to cut them. You can then use your chalk to mark the area where you will cut. Be sure to leave a little extra length because they will fray over time in the wash.

Once you take the jeans back off, cut them carefully along the line you marked and run them through a quick cycle in the washer and dryer. Voila! You have a new pair of denim shorts to wear this summer.

Create Fun Hair Accessories

Turn your old jeans into a fun and stylish headband by following a few simple steps. Begin by cutting strips of denim from your jeans, being careful to keep them around the same length and thickness. From there, braid the strips together to create a stylish look, then sew the end of each braid to secure it. Depending on how thick you want your headband to be, you can sew multiple braided sections together to achieve your desired look.

Finally, sew a couple of extra strips of denim to each end of your headband. You can use this to adjust the fit of your fashionable new hair accessory each time you wear it!

Cathey’s Has Your Sewing Needs Covered

Whether you need a new sewingmachine or are interested in taking sewing classes Tucson to help you with some of these projects, Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum is here to help. We specialize in everything related to sewing Tucson and are always up-to-date on the latest sewing ideas and sewing trends. Contact us today to learn more!

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