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Christmas sweaters have long held the well-deserved reputation for being conspicuously over the top. Rather than rejecting Christmas sweaters, we have embraced the ostentatiously exaggerated holiday spirit they express. Today, crafting Christmas sweater extremes have become something of a holiday hobby. Like decking out the yard in crazy Christmas lights and decoration- sweaters offer us the chance to let loose and show some real enthusiasm for the holiday.

Here, we’ll offer one of a kind DIY Christmas sweater ideas you can use, whether you just want a seasonal sweatshirt or an extreme expression of holiday exuberance.

5 Funny, Fun & Adorable DIY Christmas Sweater Ideas

1. Festive Decal Patches

If you’re looking for something that’s not too involved, and somewhat understated- then Cricut iron-ons might be the way to go. They come with all kinds of images, including Christmas lights, characters, and text. They are inexpensive, don’t require any sewing, and only take a few minutes to iron on. They go on best when used on fabric that does not have a heavy texture to it. Once you find the right canvas and the right patches, you’ll know just what to do.

2. Bold Stocking Sweater

A sure way to transform an ordinary winter sweater into a seriously Christmas sweater is by attaching big, bold Christmas decorations to it. If you don’t want to risk being mistaken for not being in the spirit of the holidays- these are the way to go. Simply use fabric glue if this is to be one-off wear, or use hot glue if you intend to create a keeper. After that, affix your favorite over-the-top stocking, or create gaudy a Christmas tree by shaping some tinsel and decorations into a unique shape.

3. The Christmas Wreath Sweater

Similar to the previous sweater idea, here we take artificial wreath and attach it using hot glue (make sure you’re not wearing it during the creation process) and decorations of your choice. This time, we recommend using a decorative garland. Shape it into the traditional circle, form a Christmas tree, or follow your bliss as you create your creative Christmas fashion statement for the family to admire.

4. The Adorable Reindeer Face

If you’ve got the knack for a small crochet project, and want to put a little production value into your Christmas sweater, try creating a cute holiday-character face to adorn your garment. Place the face where you like and use other items like iron on patches to add flair or sew on a few colored Christmas puff balls. You can go as subtle or not so subtle as you want with this one. It’s all about whether or not the face pops.

5. Easy DIY Kids Sweater

Let’s face it- this holiday is all about the joy of seeing children light up on Christmas morning. So why not let them get into the sweater fun with their own Christmas sweater project? Using construction paper, Elmer’s glue, glitter, and other decorations of their choice- they can craft their own sweaters using the same techniques and tools they learned in school. You could even have a contest for additional family fun!

Head on down to Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum for everything you need to make your crazy Christmas sweater creation a reality.

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