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Creating and Organizing a Craft Room

Organization is a key part of any crafting hobby whether it’s crochet, embroidery, sewing, or whatever you’re into. If you want to complete one project, a yarn bucket and some spare time are all you need. But if you want to be able to create whatever crafting ideas come up on the fly, or piece together plans from your favorite Facebook crafting page, then your craft room needs to be in tip-top shape. Here at Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum, we like to help our patrons stay organized with tidy and well put together craft rooms.


The first and most important thing any good craft room needs is not buttons, it’s not wicker drawers, it’s not even a sewing machine. The most important asset for a craft space is elbow room. As you organize your crafting area, we strongly encourage you to avoid overloading every empty space with items that you might need or use sometime down the road. If you cannot move freely between tasks without having to rearrange several things, crafting will quickly become an unpleasant chore.


Labeled Wicker Baskets and Shelves

Colored yarn balls in rustic wicker basket on blue couch closeup

Wicker baskets are perfect for crafting. They are light, open, and breathe – so your materials don’t get musty. A few labeled wicker baskets on a small or medium-sized shelf are inexpensive and easy to move around the room. They are also surprisingly durable.



A pegboard is an ideal alternative to a shelf. It stands flat against the wall and lets you display your goodies in a way that is easy to scan visually, grab, and replace. You can fit small pegboards between other pieces of furniture, or cover an entire wall with some of the larger pegboards.


Closet Makeover

Closets quickly become cluttered catch-all spaces. You’d be surprised how much storage room you can create with a couple of rows of wire-grid shelving and a few plastic drawers. Plus, anytime you clean out a cluttered closet, you’re sure to find a thing or two you’ve been missing.


Reclaim Beat-Up Organizers

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Most families have a few beat up and disused foldable organizers sitting in hallways, entryways, and bedrooms. These often become an eyesore when they are used carelessly. You can brighten up the spaces these items are in and add welcome storage room to your crotchet station by cleaning them up and mounting them on the wall over your sewing machine.


Reuse Old Children’s Shelves

Small, odd shelves are a staple of children’s rooms. If your children no longer use these funny little shelves to organize their toys anymore, you can give them some extra space and yourself some additional storage at the same time. Many such shelves stack easily. In the worst cases, they can often be disassembled for pieces of wood that can be made into single shelves.



For more crafting organization tips, check out our blog, or come on down to one of our three Arizona locations and see what’s new at Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum.


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