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All About Central Vacuums

Central vacuum cleaner

If you've never heard of a central vacuum cleaner, you're not alone. Most homeowners have no idea that there's a lightweight, efficient alternative to portable vacuum cleaners. If you or someone in your home suffers from asthma, allergies, or if you just can't lug around a big heavy…

All About Brother Sewing Machines

Close up of a woman using a sewing machine

It’s a good thing you’re already sitting down when it’s time for sewing. Otherwise, you could easily be knocked off your feet with some amazing features available in one of the top sewing machine brands here at Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum. That brand is Brother. Well-known for its huge selection…

Sewing Projects for Summer

Sewing supplies lying on a bright blue picnic table

Sewing may feel like the perfect winter activity, but a variety of exciting projects can easily keep you busy when the extreme heat arrives. Summer vibes call for lightweight fabric, vibrant colors, and bold sewing patterns. Not sure where to start? Add these top sewing projects to your summer to-do…