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These projects are simple, stress-free, and fun. If they’re below your skill level, just think of them as entertaining and useful ideas to support your craft. 

  1. The Denim Bin Bag

This simple and handsome little sewing project will produce a handy textile storage container for any excess yarn balls and scrap fabric you may have laying around. Best of all, it will help you make sure those old denim clothing items don’t go to waste. We’re sure you have a few stray yarn balls that could use a home. 

  1. Stuffed Felt Animals

Children love stuffed animals to fill up their beds, and these winsome little items just look so homey and inviting occupying shelves, corners, nooks, and what have you. This easy to follow tutorial from Marthastewart.com makes it simple to populate your homestead with a handful of charming creatures that everyone will love and snuggle up to. 

  1. Embroidered Arm Warmers

This stylish embroidery project from Singer.com will be a winner with people of all ages and is perfect for keeping the chill out of wrist bones during the frosty season. The embroidery you add can be simple or ornate, depending on the time and energy you have for the project. We recommend gold on black for a design everyone will love. 

  1. Felt Slippers

If you’re tired of bathroom slippers that slide off every time you get a bit peppy, and if you love the Native American moccasin style, then this is the project for you. This easy pattern is so simple that anyone could follow it with no problem. All you need is a closet full of felt fabric and a few hours to produce lovely and functional felt house slippers for the whole family. 

  1. Knotted Baby’s Quilt

If there’s a baby in the family, there’s a reason to start quilting. This adorable little project will give you the perfect excuse to swaddle and cuddle that baby in your very own, easy to make, baby quilt. You can whip this up in a few hours with the right materials, adding your own charm for good measure. We’re sure the baby in your family will agree, this project is just the thing. 


Here at Cathey’s Sewing & Vacuum in Tucson, Arizona, we’re always looking for ways to keep you inspired and creative all year long. We have everything you need to keep your hands full and your toes warm as the Sun hugs the southern horizon in deep wintertime. Find us online to learn more, and give us a visit to fill your denim bin bag with crafting goodies. 










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