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trendy 2019 girl is lavender and purple hat and skirt

It’s a brand-new year! Happy 2019! Are you already planning a variety of 2019 sewing projects? Whether your plans are to create homemade clothes, homemade accessories, or even home decor, 2019 fashion trends are a great place to start for inspiration. What better place to begin than with the latest and greatest trends before you sew?! Here are some ideas to get you started on your sewing projects in the new year:

Polka Dots

stylish woman in black and white polka dot skirt, trendy, with red handbag

While we tend to think of florals as the go-to spring print, this year, it’s said to be polka dots—specifically, black and white polka dots. This has a decidedly retro feel, so we love the idea of using it in ‘50s inspired fashion, such as rockabilly dresses and circle skirts. If that’s a little too bold for your tastes, whip up some accessories instead, such as a polka dot bow or scarf.

With home decor projects, the sky’s the limit. You can incorporate polka dot fabric into most any decor sewing project. If you’re concerned about working black and white polka dots into your current design, look for understated prints and colors that work for you.



One of the easier 2019 trends to implement—especially if you already have lavender fabric in your fabric stash—is lavender, which is said to be one of the hottest colors to sport this year.  Every fashion season has its signature color and for spring 2019, it’s said to be lavender. This color is pretty, not too bold, and easy to include in dresses, shirts, totes, and more.

This trend is equally easy to work into your home decor. If your home isn’t suited to show off this color, look for fabrics with patterns that lightly incorporate the color but rely more heavily on those that are already woven throughout your home. Lavender is a great way to welcome spring and all it brings.

Modest Length Shorts

While short shorts have been the rage for several years, word on the fashion runway is that longer shorts are coming back into style. Think just above the knee, mid-thigh, or the classy tailored look when creating shorts for the upcoming spring season. With a slew of free patterns available online via Pinterest and many sewing blogs, many sewing patterns can also be altered to lengthen the shorts in a jiffy.

Asymmetrical Necklines and Designs

Asymmetrical necklines are exactly what they sound like—necklines that don’t match up from side to side and—aren’t symmetrical. Creating an asymmetrical top can be fun and challenging, especially since nearly all sewing patterns focus on perfect symmetry. Utilize this element of 2019 fashion in dresses, t-shirts, and even jackets. We like the idea of keeping the rest of the outfit simple—solid colors, no patterns—and letting this detail get all of the attention rather than a provocative pattern.

When it comes to asymmetrical home decor, you can pay homage to this trend by creating unusual designs. Try creating a color-block throw pillow, but rather than having the divide go straight across, place it at an angle, or even let it zig-zag a bit. This will make for a fun and dynamic piece that stands out.

Fanny Packs

young woman sitting, in leggings trendy with fanny pack



Yes, this relic of the ‘90s has returned. In fact, it has been back and in style for a while now, so it might actually be here to stay. Modern designs are much sleeker than what we all wore to theme parks a few decades ago. If you decide to sew one yourself, be certain to check out how fanny packs have evolved and create a modern spin for yours.

At home, fanny packs can make great organizers for just about anything. Try adding pockets and embellishments like zippers to jazz them up and create extra storage.

If you’re not sure where to start and are looking for some new, fun, and fresh sewing ideas and inspiration, check out our sewing classes at any of our three locations in Tucson, Arizona.  We’re always here as part of the crafting and sewing community in Tucson, whether you’re a beginner or a long-term experienced sewer. We’re always here—be sure to stop by or give us a call. We can’t wait to see you!

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